Collabocracy | Summer 2016

with  Prof. Nic Clear


Design Studio Geography, Landscapes & Cities

Spittelau – a hub in the public transport system of vienna, located in the north of the city. It consists of three Parts, the destructor, the carpark, the club. It is a place of subcultural expression, a place which creates invisible energies. Those energies, produced by the gathering of people and conducted by the DJs and their music,
represents the term ‘collabocracy’ in my very personal understanding quite well. It ́s about sharing the spatial environment of the place and aswell sharing the emotional aspects - an adventure of feeling connected to a random group of people for a short period of time. Everybody is user and contributor at the same time which is the concept of an open source community.

The film sets up a near future scenario, where we will be able to enter spaces via lucid dreaming. An artificial version of dreaming, a hybrid of physicality and digital real time embodiment. In tradition of classical cyborg fiction the bodies will remain as a physical shell, while the ghost represents us like an avatar in virtual environments. We are entering literally the ages of 4D Space. We are acting in spacetime, which is fully manipulable and controllable.It can be stretched or shortened and accelerated or slowed down on individu- al parameters. By watching the movie you will follow the anonymous character or rather his ghost trough a 4dimensional remix of Spittelau.

© [Phu+uRe:sc/peS] Dominic Schwab 2021