Master Thesis | 2017- 2018

with Prof. Kathrin Aste, Prof. Hannes Stiefel & Damjan Minovski


Platform for Ecology, Sustainability 6 Cultural Heritage

‘Am I really looking at the world or is the world looking at me?‘

The Shape of Time“ is a phenomenological journey into the heart of the mythical Via Mala Canyon in Switzerland. Passing by archaic landscapes and monolithic architecture it explores the vision of nature, questioning the relationship between observer, apparatus and landscape, as well as their identities. Through virtual models of reality, so-called „simulacra“, the film investigates how nature is observed, studied and synthesized in the digital realm, discovering the coexistence of landscape, technology and the human spectrum of perception. While the eye tries to construct the reality, using the landscape as mirror of human existence, the machine is re-purposing the landscape through its own modes of visual synthesis, capturing sensitive nuances of reality beyond human senses. In the end, the virtual eye is showing an unseen view to a world where the real blends with the imaginary - a universe of thickened time, hypostatized in space.
A crypto-architecture.



︎ Pfann Ohmann Award 2018 for Excellence and Innovation in Architecture
︎ Official Selection 2019 Austrian Filmfestival

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